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Elected as top docs again in 2016 - they consistently are voted Top Doctors by their peers.  Dr. Lanier and Dr. Tierce understand the issues of allergy, asthma and a whole host of immunologic issues.  They are considered cost consciencious and extremely good educators, taking the time you need for an organized approach.   Consultant letters go to your doctors and we believe in complete record sharing.  You get copy of your records before you leave. They are active in clinical research and Journal papers, now working in three large studies on asthma and urticaria. 

Need immunization faster?   We offer RUSH (accelerated immunotherapy) to select patients.   It's faster and may save you copays immunization by reducing the total number of shots

Post Nasal Drip

It can come from sinuses - even as a reaction to reflux

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This is our strongest area of expertise.    We will not be satisfied that you are controlled with high does inhaled steroids. Our philosophy is lowest medications for shortest period of time,  If you are willing to learn, we can teach you to manage this better..   We always have an eye on the long term picture.  We are looking at the effect of medication over an extended period. Children and women get special attention.   The tougher your asthma- the more challenge you present.   We love a challenge.


Food Allergy

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Use a Swiffer on your hair !!!

Or at least wash your hair at night.  Every thing in the air has an electrostactic charge, your hair has an electrostatic charge.  If you go to bed at night with washing out the ragweed pollen you collect every time you step outside – you get a lot of exposure as you sleep.


If you have ragweed allergy, you will live longer !!

Well we know overall that people with allergy have fewer forms of cancer (it’s true from observational studies) and have a few years longer than the rest of us.   Allergy is a genetic defense system and a marker for a survivor gene.  Be of good cheer, you will be around a long time ( but you are going to pay a tax with decreased quality of life). Allergy is a valid immune response, but mistaken in the case of ragweed.   The allergy system ( if I may second guess the Good Lord) was designed to defeat WORMS( mostly round worms) – tape worms, liver worms, all sorts of disgusting things that you’ve never thought about because we have good public health now.   But go back a thousand years and it was common for people to live and sleep with their herd animals – duck pigs, chickens etc – to keep predators off them.  They would often prepare food without washing hands because there was no running water.   Infestations of worms were particularly common in children and were a common cause of death in small children.   Children who had a strong E class immune response lived because the body would use the chemical histamine  ( and others) to irritate worms to release and be passed or destroyed.  Those children had children with the same traits, and a survival string was created.   We think that people with allergy today may well represent the ancestors of those who survived parasitic epidemics in the past. It’s a genetic survival trait !!


“So maybe I don’t want so strong an immune system”

Fine – we can suppress the reactions with cortisone or other immunosupressants, but the result is like using a shotgun in a crowd – lots of collateral damage. And from a cortisone standpoint, the shots and dosepacks you get have cumulative damage just like with radiation  Nasal steroid sprays don’t have very much if any absorption – don’t worry about that.. In the case of allergy and the ragweed, we think the allergic antibody E (IgE) is mistaking the Ragweed Pollen as an enemy, and probably it is confusing a ragweed granule with a worm   We think that the body identifies invaders many ways including segments of RNA and DNA – a sort of “barcode”.   Segments of the barcode of pollens like ragweed are exactly the same – the segments are just mathematical – lots of overlap in nature.   But the bottom line is that allergy is a marker for superior defense… and get this … long life.   That’s right – people with allergy live longer than other people and have fewer and milder forms of cancer.


I’ll just eat bee pollen and eat local honey

Good luck on that, but  for relief don’t hold your breath.  Bees don’t often visit ragweed – they like bigger flowers and pollen.  Local honey ( the oral secretions of bees) doesn’t have ragweed in it.  That might be a good thing.  If it did, you would be susceptible to severe allergic reactions ( anaphylaxis).  Bee pollen tablets however, have actual pollen collected from bees and is very capable to produce reactions.


Don’t eat the fruit of Ragweed (watermelon, cantaloupe)

Fruits including watermelon, cantaloupe, bananas, and avocados are in the same family as ragweed.  People sensitive to ragweed may have cross over sensitivities to these foods.  It is rarely dangerous and mostly is associated with itching of the mouth, but sometimes involves coughing.  Google “oral allergy syndrome” .  Oral allergy syndrome is nearly always preceded by hay fever and tends to occur most often in older children and adults. It can also affect people with allergies to the pollens of grass, ragweed  and mugwort. These reactions can occur at any time of year, but are often worse during the pollen season involved.


Can I desensitize myself by snacking on Ragweed

You better not try munching on ragweed… you might get a big surprise.  No evidence this works at all, but it sure can produce a dermatitis


Are increased ragweed pollen counts a result of global warming ?

Well… to avoid a political argument about whether man is causing warming, or indeed if warming exists, the short answer is no.  But no one would deny that atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide have been increasing in the last one hundred years.   Also it’s not controversial to say that higher CO2 favors the growth of some plants such as rice (good) and ragweed (bad).  Cities and metropolitan areas act as micro environments predictive of changes.  We do know that biomass of ragweed is increasing and it’s logical to think that pollination will be progressive as long as CO2.                

I am always happy to evaluate any kid if parent or physician is uncomfortable administering flu, difficulty of course is we don't stock vaccine.  Generally speaking, those with egg allergy or egg sensitization - flu vaccine is safe to be received from PCP.  If previous severe reaction to egg, administration in a setting where a shot reaction can be recognized and treated.  A previous flu vaccine reaction is a different question and seen as "contraindication" to further administration of flu vaccine. .

Also, nasal mist has been "un recommended"  due to poor efficacy.  Thus, more people getting flu shots this year.    from CDC website "For the 2016–17 influenza season, ACIP recommends the following:

Persons with a history of egg allergy who have experienced only hives after exposure to egg should receive influenza vaccine. Any licensed and recommended influenza vaccine (i.e., any age-appropriate IIV or RIV3) that is otherwise appropriate for the recipient’s age and health status may be used.

Cover your air vents before turning on your heater

Allergy Alert Summary: the first time you turn your heater on – in a cough for days

It’s getting a little colder you have added that little blanket to your bed and asked your husband to life the heater, but you know it’ll take him days. The first freeze warning or cold snap with spur Dad to action, sometimes at bedtime- up in the attic in the middle of the night with a match lighting the heater.  That means you have some time to cover the vents to your bedroom now.  Called terminal filters, they can be as simple as a piece of bed sheet or gauze  temporally paced up with masking tape over the event to capture what is certainly going to be a dramatic event that you probably won’t notice because it’ll be in the middle of the night. It’s not attractive, but it can really make a difference.

Air-conditioners systems which have for months gathered condensation on the their coils, are now going to be subject to heat, which will dry out any algae that’s formed, then bake it, and spit it out in a  choking cloud of brown dust 3-4 hours after the first heater use. You always noted a little burnt smell past after the heaters turned on, that means you are the experienced this phenomenon and may be paying for it already with a cough.

Terminal filters will gather most of this material in the first day or so then can be removed. Sometimes you’ll be shocked at what remains on the filters or gauze


Should I Have Air Filters in My Home Vents?



Persons who report having had reactions to egg involving symptoms other than hives, such as angioedema, respiratory distress, lightheadedness, or recurrent emesis; or who required epinephrine or another emergency medical intervention, may similarly receive any licensed and recommended influenza vaccine (i.e., any age-appropriate IIV or RIV3) that is otherwise appropriate for the recipient’s age and health status. The selected vaccine should be administered in MEDICAL, NOT PHARMACY facilities. Vaccine administration should be supervised by a health care provider who is able to recognize and manage severe allergic conditions.

A previous severe allergic reaction to influenza vaccine, regardless of the component suspected of being responsible for the reaction, is a contraindication to future receipt of the vaccine"


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