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Elected as top docs again in 2015 - they consistently are voted Top Doctors by their peers.  Dr. Lanier and Dr. Tierce understand the issues of allergy, asthma and a whole host of immunologic issues.  They are considered cost consciencious and extremely good educators, taking the time you need for an organized approach.   Consultant letters go to your doctors and we believe in complete record sharing.  You get copy of your records before you leave. They are active in clinical research and Journal papers, now working in three large studies on asthma and urticaria. 

How to Mow Grass


The smell of freshly cut grass is perfume  to most, but for some allergic people it’s a harbinger of sneezing and itching as the lazy hazy days of summer turn  into the itchy sneezy days of summer.

Actually mowing grass doesn’t usually involve much grass allergy. What it does do, with our modern fan blade mowers, is to stir up mold and dust. Most lawn grass is cut way before it pollinates.  You can see allergic people around town mowing using some pretty unusual outfits involving hats, gloves, facemasks, and long sleeve shirts. That’s great attire especially when followed by a shower.

Here’s a couple things that do not work for people with grass allergy:

1.       Planning rocks instead of grass – grass pollen floats in the air for hundreds of miles what’s in your yard is relatively unimportant.

2.       Moving – unless you have strong hankering to live in Greenland, there’s actually no other populated area in the world without grasses.......   .MORE

Need immunization faster?   We offer RUSH (accelerated immunotherapy) to select patients.   It's faster and may save you copays immunization by reducing the total number of shots

Post Nasal Drip

It can come from sinuses - even as a reaction to reflux

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This is our strongest area of expertise.    We will not be satisfied that you are controlled with high does inhaled steroids. Our philosophy is lowest medications for shortest period of time,  If you are willing to learn, we can teach you to manage this better..   We always have an eye on the long term picture.  We are looking at the effect of medication over an extended period. Children and women get special attention.   The tougher your asthma- the more challenge you present.   We love a challenge.


Food Allergy

Dr. Tierce has a special interest

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