Texas Allergy Experts

Advanced New Treatment for Asthma

New treatments for asthma are closing in on the cells responsible for creating allergy and asthma - detailed biologic approaches that were undreamed of only a few years ago.

These drugs arE for SEVERE ASTHMA


 Texas Allergy Experts have been on the cutting edge of advanced biologic research since 1999 and have done the clinical trials needed to secure approval for the currently most advanced product Xolair or omalizumab.   The desire for asthmatologists has always been to create a drug with the potency of steroirs, but not of those side effects.  Many of us think this drug may even affect the course of the disease at a cellular level. Once injected, the antibody seeks out every allergic antibody and ties it up regardless of what it is - food pollens, molds, cats, dogs, any allergic antibody.