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Elected as top docs again in 2020 - they consistently are voted Top Doctors by their peers.  Dr. Lanier and Dr. Tierce understand the issues of allergy, asthma and a whole host of immunologic issues.  They are considered cost consciencious and extremely good educators, taking the time you need for an organized approach.   Consultant letters go to your doctors and we believe in complete record sharing.  You get copy of your records before you leave. They are active in clinical research and Journal papers, now working in three large studies on asthma and urticaria.    

Need immunization faster?   We offer RUSH (accelerated immunotherapy) to select patients.   It's faster and may save you copays immunization by reducing the total number of shots

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Why it is OK to go from weekly to monthly shots during this period


Allergy vaccination is an immunization effort just like the vaccinations that children get for infectious disease, albeit by a slightly different mechanism.    Immunizations which last for many years (for example, tetanus) take 5 injections over 10-12 years. That insures the immune system will hold the information for a long time - perhaps 20 years.   A flu injection, being a one shot phenomenon lasts only one year.  


We have had over one hundred years to experiment with the frequency and duration of allergy vaccination.   Many universities suggest 3-5 years of injections with the last portions being much less frequent.   As we look at number practices across the county it occurred to us that approximately 100 shots are involved for successful completion of the program.   The protocol could be once a week for two years, once every 2 weeks for 4 years, or once a month for 8 years.   Any other combination would also work as long as a maintenance dose could be maintained.


We developed the once a week for two year protocol as a compromise - the time is not as important as the dose During this period of crisis we are suggesting a once every 2 week or once a month period.   It won't hurt your 100 shot degree plan.   As this crisis passes ( and it will) we will pick up the frequency and help you complete on time.e.

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