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Allergy Vaccination Shots


When trying to decide how to manage allergy long term, it’s sometimes useful to compare the medical illness with an automotive illness. 


How would you handle your car?  Let’s theorize that you have a car with a radiator that leaks.   You wouldn’t wait for steam to come from under the hood before putting water in it  ( but sometimes you will wait until allergy produces a sinus infection or asthma attack).   More likely you would maintain the car with regular check-ups and use the garden hose to keep going.   If the leak is minor, you might choose to  water it  “as needed”.   But it’s a daily ritual, or the car overheats, you instinctively know something has done before damage occurs. If you are ready to work on this problem ( whether allergy or automotive), you need some estimates.


Can you fix allergy?  Since allergy problems are in the genetic make-up,  it’s not possible at this stage of science to “fix” them like you would fix or  replace a car radiator.   There is, however, a way to consistently put allergy in  remission, sometimes for very extended periods (  15-20 years ) with Immunization or allergy shots.    Here are the costs involved: Time ( shots  are weekly or every other week for an initial period of six months ) Out of   pocket expenses-  The shots themselves cost 15-18.00 each, plus there is vaccine material costs.  It’s our experience that insurance consistently covers  the cost of the vaccine, but often balks on covering the injection fee, requiring a “co-pay”.   But you will never be exposed to more expense that the cost of   the shot.  Once at final  dilution ( we start small, dilute, and work stronger) we   could stretch out the shots if you wish.   If we achieve goals of reducing   allergy 50-90% over a two year period, and if that remission lasts 12-16 years,  this turns out to be a very good return on your investment when you consider   the rising cost of drugs, x-rays and office visits.


What to do next:  we will give you a list of “CPT computer codes.   You call your insurance and assess coverage.  After computing the cost and inconvenience versus the prospect of long term remission – if you want to proceed, we will schedule the full set of skin tests since what you had today was a pilot only.   If we are going to try and clear this for you, we’ll need a bigger picture.   Once the skin tests are complete, we can discuss the type of allergy approach.   A Rapid or RUSH technique can being you quickly up the build up phase and cut up to seven months off a two year program in the course of a single morning.   Standard approaches build up slowly over a six month period – but we can now do it faster.  Make a list of questions – think about it.